Redefine Yourself

Redefine Yourself 1Dr. Mazzara has greater than  21  years of experience and has been recognized throughout the New York-New Jersey area as a top doctor in various publications since 2006. He is board certified in Head and Neck surgery, Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and is a former fellow and present member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the world’s leading organization of cosmetic surgeons. As a member of the American Academy of Liposuction Surgery, first joined in 1996, and presently he is well versed in cosmetic, plastic and liposuction surgery.

The way you look and feel about yourself affects your self-image and attitude towards life. Finding a cosmetic surgeon you can trust and easily talk to is no easy feat. You would like a surgeon who understands your cosmetic thoughts and ideas and can then suggest options guiding you to the best solution. Redefining youth has never been easier than with Dr. Mazzara.

Redefine Yourself 2Dr. Mazzara is experienced in treating both male and female patients. For some people, it may difficult to express what procedure they want done; Dr. Mazzara is easy to speak with due to his extensive knowledge and personable and caring demeanor. He will help you discover the best solution for your needs. Dr. Mazzara is passionate about staying current with the latest procedures and technology in plastic surgery; his knowledge will ensure that you get a procedure that is specific to your wants and needs.

When you give yourself the option to capture your beauty, your outlook on life will improve with your newfound confidence and happiness. Call Dr. Mazzara today to schedule your confidential consultation.

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